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Wed, Jun 13, 2012
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Author Notes:

MuggleMike 6/13/2012, 9:48 PM edit delete
This is the trailer for Part One of our upcoming twelve-part series "A Thornsaddle Summer Adventure!" It's...a little different.


Linden 6/14/2012, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
I'm so excited to see the finished product. The trailer looks amazing!
MuggleMike 6/14/2012, 1:03 AM edit delete reply
Thanks!! I am very excited too. We're pulling an all-nighter to make it the best it can be.
Trinity 6/14/2012, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
Oh my god, this is brilliant! You've officially evolved! Videos instead of just pictures - brilliant!!!
And, btw, who gave the voice to the flying squirrel (I'm soooo sorry, but I forgot his name xD)?
DouglasKills 6/14/2012, 12:44 PM edit delete reply
That would be my voice XD