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Thu, May 05, 2011
Quidditch Tryouts
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Author Notes:

MuggleMike 5/5/2011, 7:00 AM edit delete
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Quidditch. Is. Dangerous. I feel like they play it only because they have the ability (read: magic) to grow bones back. Like, if they found a spell to reattach severed heads, they would probably use magical flying saw blades instead of bludgers.


DreamSanguine 5/5/2011, 8:06 AM edit delete reply
That.. makes a lot of sense.
Shaman 5/5/2011, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
Quidditch is like what rugby would be if played on a high-rise with no safety measures. Come to think of it, it's pretty retarded. A fall from a few feet can kill if the landing is awkward. Now imagine raising that height to a few hundred feet. I know there are referees and wizard spectators but at the speed that they play, no one can catch every single detail happening around them. Some irreparable slips are bound to happen, and way too often at that. It's insane that they would let this sport happen but actually close down the school just because a few people turn up petrified here and there. But it does make for a hell of a spectacle LOL ;)
J 5/9/2011, 10:37 AM edit delete reply
I think they want to do it not just because of they've got spells to fix it, but the fact that magical people are physically different from Muggles. JKR talked about it in an interview, saying wizards' magic is imbued in their bodies, so they are less susceptible to injury than Squibs or Muggles. The Neville case (being dropped out of the window, and also just getting a broken wrist while falling from broomstick) is an example of this.

I'd like to think that like all humans, mind and body is connected, so basically it might be boring for wizards to play anything less than Quidditch. Wouldnt get their adrenaline flowing. Tough game for tough people.

Also, wizards seem to go for the limits, and take bigger risks coz they know they could achieve something more. Think about how they teach stuff like Apparition in school (and by the MoM itself), and use it, with always the risk of getting cut in half in the process.
MuggleMike 5/11/2011, 5:25 PM edit delete reply
@J: Interesting. Also, please stop predicting future Thonsaddles!
J 5/12/2011, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
@MuggleMike Maybe you should take me in the writing team... ;)