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Thu, Aug 04, 2011
Career Day
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Author Notes:

MuggleMike 8/4/2011, 7:00 AM edit delete
It's the first strip without dialogue! Or what I like to call, "let's make Doug do all the work." And yes, being an Auror is pretty much like being a superhero. You have super powers and you arrest super villains. Superhero.


Watson 8/4/2011, 7:55 AM edit delete reply
You know what those glasses say to me?

DouglasKills 8/4/2011, 7:22 PM edit delete reply
Mike, I think people are reading our emails again XD
MuggleMike 8/4/2011, 9:47 PM edit delete reply
LOL Oh nooooooo! We're so predictable!
nitsuah 8/4/2011, 3:10 PM edit delete reply
Poor dragon groomer....
Ben Flood 8/11/2011, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
I love how Jason is the head of the auror office :D
DouglasKills 8/11/2011, 4:11 PM edit delete reply
totally not the right jaw or nose to be Jason. But i can see why you might think it was him.